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Custom Milling and Wood Products

From customizable wood products to custom saw-milling, The Mill can supply anything from building materials and hardwood live edge slabs to your new, favorite piece of furniture.


Live Edge Slabs, Posts and Beams to Dimensional Lumber

We specialize in custom milling, shiplap, beams, countertops and furniture. Of course we can provide quality dimensional lumber as well. Our experienced sawyers and artisans are milling lumber in our yard and building unique wood products in our shop in the Lindale/Tyler, Texas area. Our logs are locally harvested and rescued from burning and landfills.

Do you have a building project? A cabin, shed, outbuilding, mini house or building a new home? Are you looking for live edge slabs for countertops, desks and tables? Call us for availability and prices.

Local Custom Milling

Looking for lumber, posts and beams, live edge slabs? Look local.

At Lindale Saw Mill we cut custom sizes and amounts to fit your order at a price not affected by COVID.

Quality lumber at affordable prices

Custom Milling in East Texas

Lumber in and around Tyler, Lindale, Van, and surrounding areas. Here in East Texas to serve your building needs.

Your Lumber, Your Way

You order it, we cut it. Custom lumber in East Texas made to order! If you have logs, bring them to us and we’ll mill them the way you want them. Save hundreds of $ on lumber when we mill your logs.